How to change the head gasket

The head gasket is one of the most scary parts of the car to name. Why? Because its repair is expensive and complicated, it usually requires hours and hours of workshop and sometimes it can even make you have to give up your car.

So you don’t have to worry about that expense and you can do it yourself, we will teach you how to change the head gasket in several steps, when you should do it and the material you need for it. You will save all the money from the workforce of the workshop and you can repair your car from home.


Symptoms that indicate that you should change the head gasket

Before talking about how to change the meeting, you should know if you have to worry about changing it or not. There are several symptoms that will indicate that your board is defective and are the following:

  • Oil in the cooling system:  you can only know if this has happened by checking the car coolant, since you will not notice anything unusual when driving it. If you see that the refrigerant becomes a kind of “mayonnaise”, it means that it has been mixed and that the joint is damaged.
  • Pressure in the cooling system:  overheating and low level of cooling are clear symptoms that there is an overpressure in the cooling system. The cylinder head gasket will be burned and that causes this filtration that, in the long run, can end the entire engine. Normally when this happens, white cloud is seen in the exhaust pipe, very thick and with a strange sweet smell. Analyze the spark plugs to know which cylinder has the problem, which you can identify because it is probably cleaner than the rest.
  • Coolant inside the oil system:  a symptom that is also difficult to see and can cause very serious engine damage. To find out you would have to make an oil change and check if the oil has remained like a kind of brown mayonnaise.
  • Coolant leak:  are there small puddles of coolant under your car? You have a refrigerant leak and the culprit is probably a damaged cylinder head gasket. The problem is that this leak can also be for other reasons, so you would have to examine the car in depth to know if the culprit is the head gasket.

If your car has any of these symptoms, you can start worrying and you should continue reading to learn how to change the head gasket.

Tools needed

  • Toolbox:  you will need all kinds of wrenches and screwdrivers to remove the parts that are above the cylinder head and the cylinder head itself (from ratchet, Allen, …).
  • Torque wrench:  to place the new cylinder head and respect the tightening torque (how much to tighten each screw).
  • Gloves: hand  protection against all kinds of elements.

How to change the head gasket in 8 steps

1. Disconnect the battery
Find the battery of your car in the hood and locate the positive (red) and negative (black) terminal. Use a key to unpin the negative terminal first and then the positive one. Never do it in reverse, you could break the electrical system and cause serious damage to the car.
2. Drain the oil and antifreeze from the car
You can learn to drain in the article how to change the oil and car filters . Follow the steps to point 6 and you will have achieved it. To drain the antifreeze, depending on the model, you will have to look for a drain screw or faucet in the lower part of the radiator or a plug in the engine block. You just have to open it and let all the antifreeze out.
3. Access the head gasket
To get to the head gasket you will have to release the timing belt cover and remove the antifreeze tube and the different cables that are above it (electrical connections, spark plugs, throttle, …). Once you have removed them, you will reach the rocker cover and the cylinder head itself.
4. Remove the old board
When you have accessed the cylinder head you just have to remove the screws with a wrench and you can remove it with your hands. And you will see that the board will leave without problem.
5. Clean the cylinder head surface 
Use a grit sandpaper and a degreaser to remove soot and all dirt from the stock. It has to be completely clean.
6. Fit the new head gasket
This is the most delicate part, since placing it badly will make you have to change it again in a very short time. The seal must be fixed as indicated in the instruction manual of the seal you purchase. Save up to 50% by buying the head gasket in our store .Above all you must be careful when putting the screws, since you have to respect the tightening torque. Remember the number of turns you took to remove each screw or use the dynamometer to get it.
7. Replace all parts 
After putting the new head gasket you will have to place all the pieces that you have removed to access it. Don’t forget any and place each one in the same place it was.
8. Refill the oil and antifreeze tank
To finish you just have to reload the car with oil and antifreeze. Once you have done it, you will have finished with the change of head gasket.

Can the gasket be repaired with a sealant?

If you don’t want to change the stock, either because you don’t dare, or because you don’t want to spend the repair money, you can try a sealant . Will it solve all your problems? Maybe, maybe not, or at least it may extend your car’s life a little.

The use of a sealant is very easy and is usually indicated in the instruction manual. You will only have to drain the antifreeze, fill the water tank and the sealant in question and circulate for the number of kilometers indicated in the instructions. Then, you just have to drain all that water with the sealant again and replace the antifreeze.

How much does the change cost

The price of the complete repair is around  € 800 , depending on the severity of the breakdown and the car model you have.

The high price of this change means that, on many occasions, the owners of some cars prefer to buy another before repairing it. However, if you have knowledge of mechanics and follow the steps that we have mentioned above, unless you have a very old car, it will be worth making the change.

How often

The change of the head gasket is unusual and is different from other typical repairs. In fact, it is normal not to change it unless you have some kind of breakdown because it is not necessary to do so.

You will only have to change it if you notice some of the symptoms that we have described in the first section. Otherwise, do not worry about the head gasket.

BMW 3 Series Frequent Problems

Damage BMW 3 Series (E46) Outdoor lighting

Symptom bmw-serie-3-2014
The dipped beam is permanently on when the ignition is on. 
Side lights, high beam and direction indicators do not work.

There are three possible causes: 
– Defective light bulbs. 
– Damaged electrical wiring. 
– Defective lighting control unit.

Replace the lighting control unit.

NOTE: The following guidelines are suggested as diagnostic guidance: 
1. Check the light bulbs and power fuses (F9, F32, F106, F107). 
2. Check the power supplies (contact switched on) and the masses of the lighting control unit (connector 54 black terminals). 
3. Check whether the information (earthing) of the dipped beam / highway inverter reaches terminal 12 of the lighting control unit.

Terminal  Correct value  Measured value
6 + Permanent (30)  12 V  12 V
9 + R (Radio ON)  12 V  12 V
15 + After-contact (15) 12 V  12 V
31 Mass (31)  ← 1 Ω  0.3 Ω
32 Mass (31)  ← 1 Ω 0.5 Ω
33 + Permanent (30)   12 V 12 V

4. Power terminals 8 and 35 of the 54-pin connector of the lighting control unit and validate that the main beam lights come on.

Reasons to Buy Land Rover Spares Online

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How To Find Hyundai Parts in South Africa

In case you’re looking over this, then you ready to replace a Hyundai part. Getting a second-hand Hyundai parts immediately is essential, since many of our every day lifestyles rely highly on safe transportation.

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Simple to operate

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Tips For Finding Used BMW Engines for Sale in South Africa

There are many reasons why BMW is the most sought after car brands. It truly is stylish, unique, powerful, sophisticated and comfortable. Essentially, BMW stands as among the best-selling automobile brands on the planet. A very important factor concerning this brand is that it is expensive to purchase and keep. Almost all of the BMW owners wind up leaving their vehicles for a while to get cash for spares. In time, your vehicle is left with damages along with other negative effects which are caused due to a sleeping motor.

What many people are yet still to notice is that you may still easily find used e46 engines  for cheap and stop damages whilst enjoying the benefits of your ride. Finding used BMW spares in Pretoria Gauteng doesn’t need to be difficult task because there are a lot of them in the vicinity. However, it’s still important to keenly evaluate these companies given that a few will sell unfavorable spare parts that will only increase the troubles.

BMW E46 Engine

Items To Consider When Picking A Junkyard in South Africa

You’ll get several selections in selecting a used auto parts shop that focuses on used BMW spares throughout South Africa. Yet, don’t assume all trader is dependable. Prior to choosing the BMW salvage yard, here are several considerations to bear in mind.

• Look at the customer base – The status for the dealership is apparently the easiest way you’ll know if the dealer is worth using. Distributors who have routinely offered well-performing used auto parts will certainly have a good customer base about the region. Invariably you could look over previous client feed-back, reviews and recommendations to appraise the level of quality to count on. You can even take a look at expert review websites that rate businesses in accordance with their excellence in meeting shopper needs.

• Quality assurance – High-quality used BMW engines for sale should always include a quality promise. They should hold conditions that permit you to send back any component that doesn’t meet the quality benchmarks. Mostly, you will end up sure of picking the best spare parts that will serve you appropriately.

• Variety – The perfect scrap yard will have a choice of BMW spare parts for several models. This will give you various options to pick the spares of your choice. You will discover spare parts which might be hitched from autos and had been sold for parts as a result of a major accident. The dealership should be able to give you alternatives on which parts you ought to pick.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, you will probably ought to look at the maintenance solutions, guarantee, value for money, as well as the insurance plan factors. It is all about getting a firm which is reliable and inexpensive.

How to locate used BMW For Sale in South Africa

Obtaining second hand BMW engines in Gauteng through junk yards is certainly a very simple chore especially since the majority of suppliers presently possess a skillfully designed web-site in which information their business and offer are available. It is possible to seek out closest company to you. Make use of the top internet search engine to find the nearest scrap yard and apply the earlier mentioned factors to land the ideal seller. You can also get from well-known reputable companies like Salvage Yards in South Africa. By choosing to get your engines from that kind of reliable dealer that’s qualified to function in your town, it is certain you are receiving a great rate along with a top quality part.